Greetings Sisters & Brothers, Elders & Mothers!

All Honor, Esteem & Power to Our Mighty One YAHUAH & His Anointed One YAHUSHA!

I am Sister Yarah Arukah Shalom and I am the founder of Remnant Transformation Ministries under the leading of the Set-Apart Spirit & the Word of Yahuah.

My Spiritual Journey

My relationship with the Most High began at 11 years old in 1991 in Washington, DC. With the Hand and Favor of The Most High on me, I began to read the scriptures and was drawn to seek His salvation in Yahusha, who I knew as Jesus at the time.

As a pre-teen I engaged in Apologetics & Evangelism amongst my peers and sought to walk in righteousness. As a teenager, I began to have struggles with my identity and sexuality. Not having any spiritual guidance and not understanding how to overcome, I fell into immorality. During those years I continued to seek the deliverance of the Most High.

At 18 years old, in 1998, I was delivered and received the Set-Apart Spirit that enabled me to walk in His Truth & Deliverance. I left the Baptist Church that I was attending and was led to a non-denominational congregation where I was nurtured in my spiritual growth & trained in leadership & servanthood for 8 years. During that time I was built up in the teaching & deliverance ministry. I oversaw a small discipleship group of 17–24-year-old young women (my peers) and served as an apprentice to train other leaders. I served in youth ministry, new believers ministry, evangelism teams, ushering for productions, cleaning crews, and was a faithful member and leader for 7 years. It was there that I began to learn about the errors of “Churchianity”, pagan holidays, and the “Black” Presence in the Scriptures.

I founded a ministry, Shattering Illusions, where I ministered to youth, young adults, churches, and organizations on topics related to sexuality, identity & emotional brokenness, healing & deliverance.

I was led to another ministry for three years before I was led to come out of the Christian church in 2009. I continued to study & research and fellowship in home churches. Around 2011 I discovered my Hebrew Identity and that all of the scriptures were still applicable to all who are in the family of YAH. I attended and studied with several Hebrew assemblies in Virginia from 2012-2016 and also hosted a women’s fellowship at my home. From 2017-2020 I ministered and taught Torah and Hebrew Culture at an Apostolic Hebrew Assembly in Virginia.