The Word community isn’t found in the scriptures. But the community that we are speaking of is the congregation, gathering or assembly of the children of YAH; it’s the House; the Body of Messiah. The community of the called-out ones (qodeshim) is our primary focus, as we work together to reach the scattered children of Yisra’el as well as the gentiles.

The strength of a community is from the inside out. If the core is rotten the fruit will be rotten. If the roots of the tree are bad the tree won’t bear good fruit. The tree must be cultivated properly for it to be strong, withstand the elements and bear good fruit.

Where do we begin in our efforts to build community among the awakening remnant so that the life of our community can expand as a light to the community at large?

At RTM we ask the question – what are some of the major barriers that we see that interferes with growing as a strong community? We seek to discover & address some of those issues.

Communities tend to fall apart because of conflict. Conflict within the hearts and minds of individuals that expand into being a conflict between multiple individuals that leads to a break in fellowship that hinders progress towards the mission.

To strengthen our legs as a community so that conflict doesn’t dismantle our efforts we seek to engage and equip our brothers and sisters in healing and developing the mind and emotions to overcome internal strongholds that instigate conflict and division. We seek to support areas such as:

Conflict Resolution

Communication Skills

Critical Thinking & Reasoning Skills

Covenant Love

Servant Leadership

Healing Emotional Wounds

Deliverance from Strongholds

Holistic Wellness (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, basic needs wellness = shalom)

We seek to engage, encourage & equip through various ministry outreach programs to minister healing and deliverance to Hebrews who live with post traumatic slave syndrome and to bridge the gaps that keep us separated as a community. Bridging the gaps between male and female, older and younger generations, Hebrew Israelite and Christian and every other unnecessary chasm that keeps us from being a healthy functioning community. We seek to create opportunities for healthy dialogue and engagement to restore respect and cooperation amongst our community.

That is our goal in dealing with the internal barriers to community within the hearts & minds of the people. But we also face external barriers to the community that come from societal issues and pressures. As a community equipped with healthy hearts and minds we are able to engage & meet the physical needs of the community and respond to our call of covering & fighting for the uncovered & vulnerable within the community. We are able to work together to meet immediate needs and to develop longer range plans and projects to address and overcome obstacles that have been created by oppressive societal norms.