Through the Messiah both Hebrews & Gentiles are able to repent & come into the Renewed Covenant. The Renewed Covenant is not lawless as has been taught in modern days. In this Covenant The Most-High writes His laws on our Heart & gives us His Spirit that leads us into all Truth. We also have His Written Torah & The example that was walked out through the Messiah Yahusha (Commonly known as Jesus). We guard and uphold the Torah with the Mind of Messiah, in Spirit & in Truth. Returning to the Covenant and obeying the laws of YAH through Yahusha means transitioning out of all forms of idolatry that we have adopted and returning to YAH our Mighty One. We cleanse and commit our worship to YAH. In returning to the covenant we are learning what the book really says, understanding who we really are, returning to the core elements of our covenant that we have been separated from through exile and dispersion. This process starts with Repentance, and we Transition from darkness to light as we relearn and embrace Truth.