The Transforming Remnant Enduring to Enter Shalom!

The Scriptures refer to men as trees on numerous occasions. Fruit bearing Trees are planted as trees of righteousness. Trees that fail to bear fruit are cut down and cast away. To flourish and bear fruit we need to be rooted in our Source Yahuah through His Living Word. We also need to exchange the life we receive from Him with others.

Our Acronym T.R.E.E.S. stands for Transforming Remnant Enduring to Enter Shalom. The Remnant are the few left over from the dispersion of Yisra’el and from the Nations who are returning to the Covenant of Yahuah through Yahusha and are seeking to walk in His Commands through His Set-Apart Spirit.

We are cultivating a community of the Remnant who are called to be set-apart in the midst of a society where everything is contrary to YAH’s Nature & Way. The Remnant are answering the call to be changed & molded into the Image of YAH being daily transformed in mind & deed. As we are being wearied in body & soul by our enemies, we must endure in truth, endure in love, endure in faith until the end. We build up our strength as overcomers by seeking YAH and encouraging each other daily. Shalom is a state of wholeness, completeness and peace that we are seeking to enter more into daily and to endure until we enter into His promised rest & Shalom in the Kingdom, where righteousness will be established.

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